De la serie Hacha de Doble Filo, 78 x 78 inches, Mixed Media
 Roberto Fabelo, Cuban, 1950-    Roberto Fabelo is the most successful contemporary painter, sculptor, and illustrator living in Cuba. Fabelo studied at the National Art School and at the Superior Art Institute of Havana. He was a professor and a juror for very important national and international visual arts competitions. He was awarded a medal for National Culture and the Alejo Carpentier medal for his outstanding artistic career. Fabelo’s art consists of nude women, who often appear with animal-like features, including beaks, fins, and wings. He draws in vintage text books and creates figures out of the images already on the page. Another example of his art is water color drawn on silk embroidered fabric.    His work is in the permanent collection at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana, and in the Cuban in Mexico. His 2009 sculpture of a group of human-headed cockroaches can be found climbing one of the walls of the Havana Fine Arts Museum. He also illustrated a 2007 edition of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude. He was described by the Dallas Morning News in 2002 as “one of Cuba’s premier artists” with high demand for his paintings in the United States, Latin America, Europe and auction houses.
 The Merger, Mario Gonzalez (Mayito) Cuban, 1969, Niels Moliero, Cuban, 1970, and Alain Pino, Cuban, 1974  The Merger, an auction powerhouse, is a collective of sculptors who work in stainless steel, Plexiglas, neon and other materials to produce out sized objects with a biting satirical edge. One of the members, Mayito, has organized international group exhibits of 100 Cuban artists in Europe and the Far East.
Ruben Alpizar's "La Revancha V", 14 x 13 x 5, Acrylic, Wood, Metal
Reynerio Tamayo's "Baseball Classic Club", 46 x 38, Acrylic on Canvas
 Sandra Ramos, Cuban, 1969  Sandra Ramos was among the first artists to expose the harsh realities of Cuban life in her paintings and drawings that address issues of racism, poverty, and mass migration. Her work is respected and collected by museums around the world including the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
 Abel Barroso, Cuban, 1971-  Abel Barroso, born in 1971 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, is a very interesting young artist who has been rapidly gaining international renown for his art which combines printmaking and sculpture in biting and humorous commentary on contemporary Cuban life.  Using meticulous craftsmanship, he creates playful works that often invite the viewer to interact. 
 Mabel Poblet, Cuban, 1986 -  Poblet is best known for her luminous, unclothed, self portraits. These paintings or photographs are covered in small acetate shapes that are attached with tiny pins. She is also recognized for her evocative performances.  Classically trained Poblet works in: photography, paint, kinetic installations, performance, and graphics. Themes are: personal struggles with her homeland Cuba, Emmigration & Immigration, Visuals vs. words, Existential Reflections, & Dupiclity. She has been influenced by art history and contemporary art, early on by Chuck Close.    Mabel Poblet La Habana, Cuba 1986 -  Poblet es el más conocido por sus auto-retratos luminosos, sin ropa. Estas pinturas o fotografías están cubiertas de pequeñas formas de acetato que se adjuntan con pequeños alfileres. Ella también es reconocido por superformance evocativa.  De formación clásica Poblet trabaja en: fotografía, pintura, instalaciones cinéticas, rendimiento y gráficos. Los temas son: luchas personales con su tierra natal Cuba, Emigración e Inmigración, palabras Visuales vs, reflexiones existenciales, y Dupiclity. Ella ha sido influenciada por la historia del arte y el arte contemporáneo, desde el principio por Chuck Close.
 Stainless, Alejandro Pineiro, Cuban, 1990, Jose G. Capaz, Cuban, 1988, Roberto C. Fabelo, Cuban, 1991  The art collective Stainless are the rising stars of the next generation. Three young painters/ sculptors still in their twenties, create playful art that seduces with its luscious surfaces and erotic overtones. They like to provoke on many levels!
  Luis Abreu    1973-   “BANG, POW, SNAP! Luis Abreu’s art is weirdly alluring, with astounding bravura and flourish.  He is one of the most talented young Cuban artists who today resides in the US.  Abreu’s talent was so prodigal that the Cuban state enabled him to receive a Master’s in Fine Art from the most prestigious academy in Cuba the revered San Alejandro Academy in Havana specializing in painting and subliminal drawing. San Alejandro is an incubator for Cuba’s most famous artists. Abreu has had numerous one man shows since including the 1997 Havana Biennial and is a member of the Asociacion Hermanos Saiz and ACEA Asociacion Catalana de Entidades Artisticas.  His art is so fascinating due to its enormous range, diversity and sophistication. Some works are exquisitely esoteric while others have a naïve feel. He is working within dynamic social forces which is dramatically evident. They capture infinitesimally thin slices of life exquisitely, and rather modestly. Overall the works are personal history paintings and all exhibit life affirming theatricality, mysticism, and sensuality.
Reclining Nude, 14 x 8 X 5, Bronze
Dama, 30 x 30 inches, Mixed media
Lisandra Ramirez's, "Perrito Florida", 12 x 12 x 14 Variable, Resin,Plexi,and Mirror, at the Gallery on Greene
The Grand Float, 17 X 26 X 12, Bronze
Esterio Segura's "Goodbye My Love", 60 x 15 x 7, Composite  , At The Gallery On Greene