Peter Vey's "Persian Lemons and Oranges", 16 x 20, Oil on Linen
Mario Sanchez's "Morning Gossip", 37 X 20, Intaglio
Secret Stash, 16 X 30, Photo on Aluminum
William N. Copley's "Slippers", 14 x 16, Mixed Media
Mike Rooney's "St Paul's", 30 x 40, Oil On Canvas
Priscilla Coote's "Hot Days", 12 x 16, Oil On Canvas
Linda Rieke's "Loggerhead", 8 X 10 inches, Acrylic on Panel
Street View from Pepe's Restaurant in Havana, 38 x 40, Acrylic/ Oil
Cindy Wynn, Ode to Paris in Blue, 49 x 12 x 30, Steel Mixed Media
Andy Thurber's "Pink Gold", 7 x 15, Intaglio
Michael Harrell's "Island Light", 20 x 14, Oil on Canvas
James Kerr's "Sailing Dighy", 8 X 10, Oil On Canvas
  John Buzogany   Since his earliest memory John Buzogany has been involved in making art in one form or another. Taking week-end classes at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh at an early age he was encouraged to “Look to see, to remember, and to enjoy” Having access to the large museum collection he absorbed a wealth of information on art and design.  Attending Carnegie Mellon University, John majored in metal crafts and design and earned his BFA in 1972. Backpacking through Europe during his undergrad junior year, and later apprenticing with a Florentine jeweler he was able to expand and further enrich his art and design knowledge.  John has lived and over 35 years in Key West and won many national and international awards for his work. He has said “I use the colors of a painter, the strength of a sculptor, and the skills of a surgeon that I hope will be create a lasting, wearable work of art.”
Key West Trumpet Fish
 Kim Northrop    Kim Northrop is a fine artist with an MFA from the University of Kentucky, who works in a range of media, from her rich multi-layered assemblages, where worlds and words collide, to digital art born and bred in the computer. 
Margarita, 58 x 53 x 11, Mixed Media, Wood
 Carole A. Feuerman, American  Carole A. Feuerman is recognized as one of the world’s most renowned, influential, and popular hyper realist sculptors. Her prolific career spans four decades in which she has pioneered new approaches to sculpture. Working in both monumental and life size, she is the only figurative artist to hyper realistically paint bronze for use in outdoor public art, and the only sculptor to install these sculptures in the water.  While attending the School of Visual Arts in New York, she painted 13 album covers used by Time Warner Records including, but not limited to, The Rolling Stones World Tour Book, Alice Cooper, and Aretha Franklin. She has been honored with six major museum retrospectives to date. Her work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions including multiple Venice Biennales, the State Hermitage, the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, the Kunstmuseum Ahlen, the Archeological Museum di Fiesole, and the Circulo de Bellas Artes. She won first prize at the Austrian Biennale, the Florence Biennale, the 2008 Olympic Fine Art Exhibition, best in show at the Beijing Biennale, and won the Save The Arts Foundation Award as Museum Choice.
Mangrove Snapper, 9 x 18 inches, Intaglio
  Stewart J. Andrews 1958 –    A paramedic and   EMT  , Stewart searches out and rescues fallen old trees stumps after hurricanes and uses a lathe he made himself to upcycle them into vessels of seriously beautiful form.    Stewart’s collection includes; almost extinct Cuban mahogany, sapodilla, black olive, Australian pine and women’s tongue. He loves the asymmetry of the roots and forks he finds in the old native trees.    In the nearly forty years he and his family has resided on the small island of Key West he has never forgotten his roots, namely his grandfathers, one who built his own home the other a cabinet maker.     
 Harriet Frank, American  Harriet Frank, water colorist for 52 years, recently started on a new voyage of exploration through collage. Raised in Key West, she received a BA at NYU, and an MFA at Columbia in New York. Except for an education in finger paints, she had been a self-taught child prodigy selling at the Key West Art Center from the age of 12.   Harriet finds marine scenes and sailboating an exciting format, turning them into unique collector art. She is in the permanent collection of the late Walter Cronkite and Charles Kuralt as well as many prominent island homes and yacht clubs. Her enticing collages and watercolors are viewer friendly and help to bring out in all of us the desire to sail off into paradise, to experience a joyful discovery of the sunny side of life.
Fish Story, 25 x 17 x 11, Metal
Wayne Garcia's "B-29", 34.2 X 25, Intaglio
Lighthouse, 5 X 5, Acrylic
Motorcycle Momma, Wood & Enamel
Shrimper & Peli, 11 X 14. Oil on Board
George Carey's "St Pauls Key West",14 x 18, Oil On Cavas
Duke Rood's "Monkey", 23 x 31 x 27, Wood Carving